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The anatomical relationship of the iliocava junction to the lumbosacral spine and the aortic bifurcation

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This study dissected 42 cadavers to investigate the level of the iliocava junction and the relationship with the lumbosacral spine and the aortic bifurcation. The iliocava junction was between L4 and S1, most often at the level of L5 (64%) and on the median third of the spine (55%). The average height of the iliocava junction was 15.5 mm. The mean interiliac angle was 69°. It was not related to the width of the iliocava junction. The iliocava junction covered the whole of the L5-S1 disc in 12% of cases. The iliocava junction was located above the aortic bifurcation only in 1 case. The mean distance between iliocava junction and aortic bifurcation was 19 mm. The variability of the iliocava confluence is high and complicates the anterior approach to the lumbosacral spine.


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