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Acute Carotid Artery Stent Thrombosis Due to Dual Antiplatelet Resistance

  • Erkan KöklüEmail author
  • Şakir Arslan
  • İsa Öner Yüksel
  • Nermin Bayar
  • Pınar Koç
Case Report


Carotid artery stenting (CAS) is a revascularization modality that is an alternative to carotid endarterectomy. The efficacy of CAS in primary and secondary prevention from ischemic stroke has been demonstrated in various trials. Acute thrombosis of CAS is a rare complication that can lead to dramatic and catastrophic consequences. We discuss a case of acute CAS thrombosis in a patient who had previously undergone successful CAS. CAS was performed in a 73-year-old man who had had dysarthria lasting 2 weeks with 95 % stenosis in his left internal carotid artery. An acute cerebrovascular event resulting in right-sided hemiplegia developed 24 h after the procedure. Computed tomographic carotid angiography revealed complete occlusion of the stent with thrombus. The cause of stent thrombosis was thought to be antiaggregant resistance to both acetylsalicylic acid and clopidogrel. The most important cause of acute CAS thrombosis is inadequate or ineffective antiaggregant therapy. Evaluating patients who are candidates for CAS for acetylsalicylic acid and clopidogrel resistance may preclude this complication.


Antiplatelet resistance Carotid artery stenting Stent thrombosis Stroke 


Conflict of interest

Erkan Köklü, Şakir Arslan, İsa Öner Yüksel, Nermin Bayar, and Pınar Koç declare that they have no conflict of interest.


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  • Şakir Arslan
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  • İsa Öner Yüksel
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  • Nermin Bayar
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  • Pınar Koç
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  1. 1.Clinic of CardiologyAntalya Education and Research HospitalAntalyaTurkey
  2. 2.Clinic of RadiologyAntalya Education and Research HospitalAntalyaTurkey

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