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Vascular Complications of Pancreatitis: Imaging and Intervention

  • John M. Kirby
  • Parag Vora
  • Mehran Midia
  • John Rawlinson
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The objective of this study was to highlight technical challenges and potential pitfalls of diagnostic imaging, intervention, and postintervention follow-up of vascular complications of pancreatitis. Diagnostic and interventional radiology imaging from patients with pancreatitis from 2002 to 2006 was reviewed. We conclude that biphasic CT is the diagnostic modality of choice. Catheter angiography may (still) be required to diagnose small pseudoaneurysms. Endovascular coiling is the treatment of choice for pseudoaneurysms. Close clinical follow-up is required, as patients may rebleed/develop aneurysms elsewhere.


Pancreatitis Embolization CT angiography 


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  • Parag Vora
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  • Mehran Midia
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  • John Rawlinson
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