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Permanent Pacemaker-Induced Superior Vena Cava Syndrome: Successful Treatment by Endovascular Stent

  • Carlos Lanciego
  • Mario Rodriguez
  • Adela Rodriguez
  • Miguel A. Carbonell
  • Lorenzo García García
Case Report


The use of metallic stents in the management of benign and malignant superior vena cava syndrome (SVCS) is well documented. Symptomatic stenosis or occlusion of the SVC is a rare complication of a transvenous permanent pacemaker implant. Suggested treatments have included anticoagulation therapy, thrombolysis, balloon angioplasty and surgery. More recently, endovascular stenting has evolved as an attractive alternative but the data available in the literature are limited. We describe a case in which venous stenting with a Wallstent endoprosthesis was used successfully. The patient remains symptom free and with normal pacemaker function 36 months later.


Stents and prostheses—pacemakers—vena cava stenosis or obstruction 



The authors thank Dr. Peter R. Turner of t-SciMed (Reus, Spain) for editorial assistance.


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  • Carlos Lanciego
    • 1
  • Mario Rodriguez
    • 2
  • Adela Rodriguez
    • 3
  • Miguel A. Carbonell
    • 3
  • Lorenzo García García
    • 1
  1. 1.Unit of Interventional RadiologyHospital Virgen de la Salud, Hospital Virgen del Valle, Complejo Hospitalario de Toledo, ToledoSpain
  2. 2.Unit of Intensive CareHospital Virgen de la Salud, Hospital Virgen del Valle, Complejo Hospitalario de Toledo, ToledoSpain
  3. 3.Unit of GeriatricsHospital Virgen de la Salud, Hospital Virgen del Valle, Complejo Hospitalario de Toledo, ToledoSpain

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