Experimental study of trivalent rare-earth element incorporation in CaTiO3 perovskite: evidence for a new substitution mechanism

  • Jules GoethalsEmail author
  • Ali Bedidi
  • Chloé Fourdrin
  • Martine Tarrida
  • Stéphanie Rossano
Original Paper


Samples of calcium titanate perovskite (CaTiO3) substituted with variable amounts of trivalent La, Pr, Nd or Sm were synthesized by solid-state reaction. The synthesized compounds were characterized by means of electron microprobe (EMPA), powder X-ray diffraction and µ-Raman spectroscopy. The incorporation of the studied lanthanides in the CaTiO3 perovskite leads to the formation of complex (Ca1-2xLn2x)(Ti1-xCax)O3 perovskites with a Pbnm disordered structure. This mechanism was revealed by the Ca/Ti ratio analyses of the samples, the study of the lattice parameter evolution and the Raman A1g octahedral breathing mode frequency comparison for all systems.


CaTiO3 Lanthanide Substitution mechanism Raman spectroscopy XRD 



We thank Jean Didier Mertz from the Laboratoire de Recherches des Monuments Historiques (LRHM) for XRD measurements. We also thank Omar Boudouma and Michel Fialin for SEM and EMPA measurements (ISTeP). We are grateful to the two anonymous reviewers and the editorial team for their constructive comments.

Supplementary material

269_2019_1058_MOESM1_ESM.jpg (1.4 mb)
Supplementary material 1 Comparison of the measured a (circles), b (diamonds) and c (squares) lattice parameters with the calculated lattice parameters using SPUDS for the (1-x) CaTiO3 – x La2O3 system. Measured lattice parameters are represented in black, calculated lattice parameters considering mechanism (5) are represented in blue and lattice parameters considering mechanism (6) are represented in red (JPG 1385 kb)


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