Completely Thoracoscopic Diaphragmatic Plication

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Thoracoscopic diaphragmatic plication for diaphragmatic paralysis with consecutive eventration and respiratory compromise is a desirable alternative to standard thoracotomy. Since minimally invasive techniques usually involve suturing of the diaphragm, most surgeons use a video-assisted approach with a minithoracotomy. Herein we describe our completely thoracoscopic technique for diaphragmatic plication including outcome.


We present our technique and experience for completely thoracoscopic diaphragmatic plication for the treatment of symptomatic diaphragmatic paralysis in six consecutive patients. The surgical technique basically consisted of stapling of the abundant diaphragm and reinforcement of the staple line using a self-locking thread. Primary outcome measure was the postoperative result (flattened diaphragm) and resolution of symptoms. Secondary outcome was improvement of lung function values 3 months after surgery.


Between June 2015 and March 2016, six patients have been operated for symptomatic diaphragmatic paralysis, with one of them suffering from additional transdiaphragmatic hernia. Flattening of the diaphragm was achieved in all 6 patients with resolution of their pre-existing symptoms within days after surgery and without any surgical complications. Lung function volumes measured 3 months postoperative improved markedly with an increase in FEV1 as well as FVC of 540 ml (SD ± 193 ml) and 776 ml (SD ± 121 ml), respectively.


In our experience, the presented technique is a safe and simple minimally invasive way to perform a completely thoracoscopic diaphragmatic plication with excellent results so far.

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Correspondence to Gregor J. Kocher.

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