Through the Looking Glass: Real-Time Video Using ‘Smart’ Technology Provides Enhanced Intraoperative Logistics



In the setting of increasingly complex medical therapies and limited physician resources, the recent emergence of ‘smart’ technology offers tremendous potential for improved logistics, efficiency, and communication between medical team members. In an effort to harness these capabilities, we sought to evaluate the utility of this technology in surgical practice through the employment of a wearable camera device during cardiothoracic organ recovery.


A single procurement surgeon was trained for use of an Explorer Edition Google Glass™ (Google Inc., Mountain View, CA) during the recovery process. Live video feed of each procedure was securely broadcast to allow for members of the home transplant team to remotely participate in organ assessment. Primary outcomes involved demonstration of technological feasibility and validation of quality assurance through group assessment.


The device was employed for the recovery of four organs: a right single lung, a left single lung, and two bilateral lung harvests. Live video of the visualization process was remotely accessed by the home transplant team, and supplemented final verification of organ quality. In each case, the organs were accepted for transplant without disruption of standard procurement protocols. Media files generated during the procedures were stored in a secure drive for future documentation, evaluation, and education purposes without preservation of patient identifiers.


Live video streaming can improve quality assurance measures by allowing off-site members of the transplant team to participate in the final assessment of donor organ quality. While further studies are needed, this project suggests that the application of mobile ‘smart’ technology offers not just immediate value, but the potential to transform our approach to the practice of medicine.

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Correspondence to Andrew C. W. Baldwin.

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Supplemental video: Backtable confirmation of anatomical landmarks (MP4 8286 kb)

Supplemental video: Backtable confirmation of anatomical landmarks (MP4 8286 kb)

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