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Evaluation of the Appendicitis Inflammatory Response Score for Patients with Acute Appendicitis

  • Roland E. AnderssonEmail author
Invited Commentary

The role of clinical diagnosis and diagnostic techniques in the management of patients with suspicion of acute appendicitis (AA) is controversial. Clinical diagnosis with repeat examination after observation in unclear cases is regarded as unreliable, impractical, and outdated. Diagnostic imaging with routine computed tomography (CT) scan or a combination of ultrasound (US) examination and selective CT scan in unclear cases is often proposed as the ultimate solution. This antagonism between clinical diagnosis and imaging is, however, based on misunderstanding and simplification. We need all diagnostic techniques in the arsenal, but we need to better define the role for each of them.

All algorithms for the management of patients with AA start with the selection of patients with suspected AA at the primary evaluation. Not all patients with abdominal pain can or should have diagnostic imaging, and if they had, then the results would be suboptimal because of a high rate of false-positive...


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  1. 1.Department of SurgeryCounty Hospital RyhovJönköpingSweden
  2. 2.Department of Clinical and Experimental MedicineUniversity HospitalLinköpingSweden

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