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A New Technique for Presentation of Scientific Works: Video in Poster

  • Ali Dogan BozdagEmail author



Presentations at scientific congresses and symposiums can be in two different forms: poster or oral presentation. Each method has some advantages and disadvantages. To combine the advantages of oral and poster presentations, a new presentation type was conceived: “video in poster.”


The top of the portable digital video display (DVD) player is opened 180° to keep the screen and the body of the DVD player in the same plane. The poster is attached to the DVD player and a window is made in the poster to expose the screen of the DVD player so the screen appears as a picture on the poster. Then this video in poster is fixed to the panel. When the DVD player is turned on, the video presentation of the surgical procedure starts.


Several posters were presented at different medical congresses in 2007 using the “video in poster” technique, and they received poster awards.


The video in poster combines the advantages of both oral and poster presentations.


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The author thanks Dr. Roberto Bergamaschi (Professor and Khubchandani Endowed Chair in Colorectal Surgery, Pennsylvania State University) for encouragement in preparing this article.

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