Aesthetic Plastic Surgery

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Injectable silicone: Cause of facial nodules, cellulitis, ulceration, and migration

  • Marvin J. Rapaport
  • Charles Vinnik
  • Harvey Zarem


Fifty-four patients with problems following “medical grade” silicone injections into the face and legs were seen from 1974 until 1995. Complications consisted of chronic cellulitis, nodules, foreign body reactions, and movement of material to near and distant parts of the body. These difficulties usually demonstrated themselves many years after injection. It is suggested that problems occur despite good technique, good material, and small amounts injected. Because the side effects are unpredictable and often uncorrectable, further studies must be performed to insure silicone’s safety.

Key words

Silicone injections Complications Cellulitis Nodules Foreign body reactions Silicone migration 


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