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Invited Discussion on: Smooth Surface Breast Prostheses: Our Experience and the Current Practice in the Use of Smooth Submuscularly Placed Silicone Gel Breast Implants

  • Fabio Xerfan NahasEmail author
Editor’s Invited Commentary

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The authors have brought to discussion an interesting subject, as BIA-ALCL is a growing problem and has been related to textured implants in most series. They have made a literature review aiming at studies that compared smooth and textured implants placed in a submuscular position. In fact, very few studies of the literature review presented a relevant level of evidence. The have also made an evaluation of their own patients using smooth implants in the submuscular position.

The main reason why plastic surgeons migrated from using smooth implants to textured implants was capsule contracture. The authors state that “… it is unclear whether texturing reduces the incidence or merely delays the onset of capsular contracture”. If...


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