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Invited Discussion on: Orbicularis–White Line Fixation in Asian Blepharoplasty—Kiss Technique

  • Chin-Ho WongEmail author
  • Michael Ku Hung Hsieh
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This is an interesting article on a surgical technique for Asian upper eyelid blepharoplasty. The authors’ technique leaves the orbital septum intact, mobilizing the inferior flap in the retro-orbicularis oculi plane, lifting the pretarsal orbicularis oculi off the anterior tarsus and fixating the pretarsal orbicularis oculi to the lower edge of the levator aponeurosis at the fusion point of the levator with the orbital septum. This conjoined area has a distinct whitish appearance and accordingly is called the ‘white line.’ The key difference with the incision Asian upper blepharoplasty used by most surgeons is that the orbital septum was left intact. The authors reasoned that because the technique involves lesser...


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