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Dorsal Augmentation with Diced Conchal Cartilage Wrapped in Retroauricular Fascia

  • Gianluca CampiglioEmail author
  • Giorgio Rafanelli
  • Francesco Klinger
  • Fabio Caviggioli
  • Silvia Giannasi
  • Marco Klinger
Original Article Rhinoplasty



Dorsal augmentation is of primary importance to shape an ideal nose. Although costal cartilage is still used for this purpose, diced cartilage grafts wrapped in autogenous fascia became more and more popular in recent decades. In this paper, the authors report their experience with a new combination made by diced conchal cartilage wrapped in retroauricular fascia in primary and secondary cases.


The clinical records of the first 19 patients to undergo dorsal augmentation with this technique were reviewed. The entire concha has been harvested and, once diced, wrapped in a sleeve of retroauricular fascia obtained using the same incision. Quilting reabsorbable sutures closed the mastoid dead space and prevented the risk of hematoma. The graft has been used in all the cases through a closed approach.


The use of diced cartilage is nowadays considered one of the best options among the available procedures for dorsal augmentation. Diced conchal cartilage wrapped in posterior auricular fascial graft is a new, simple and safe procedure that eliminates the necessity of a secondary donor site (temple or thorax), speeds up the operation and leaves a well-concealed scar behind the ear. Its main disadvantages toward costal diced cartilage wrapped in rectus abdominis fascia are the minor quantity of cartilage that can be obtained, even in case of bilateral harvest, and compared to temporal fascia a longer postoperative swelling (6–8 weeks).

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