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Platelet-Rich Plasma Mixed-Fat Grafting: A Reasonable Prosurvival Strategy for Fat GraftS?

  • José Maria Serra-MestreEmail author
  • José Maria Serra-Renom
  • Lourdes Martinez
  • Aurora Almadori
  • Francesco D’Andrea
Review Experimental/Special Topics



One of the most interesting developments in practical applications of fat grafting in recent years is the use of prosurvival strategies to improve maintenance of volume. Platelet-rich plasma (PRP) plays a decisive role in the repair and regeneration of different tissues via the activation and secretion of a great variety of growth factors and other cytokines stored in the alpha-granules of the platelets. This review aimed to assess the efficacy of PRP mixed-fat grafting as a prosurvival strategy for fat grafts.


Online searches of the Cochrane Library and MEDLINE until January 2014 were conducted. The review included studies with at least one clinical end point in which the effect of PRP on the absorption and viability of the fat graft could be assessed.


The review comprised 6 preclinical studies with a control group and 9 clinical studies of humans. It also included comparative studies performed with other prosurvival strategies for fat grafts, such as combination with the stromal vascular fraction and second-generation PRP, also called “platelet-rich fibrin.” The results indicate that PRP may have a dose-dependent positive effect on fat grafts and suggest low complication rates.


The development of new growth factor delivery systems or cell therapies to enrich fat grafts is an area that merits further research.

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