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A Prospective, Noninterventional Study of the Treatment of the Aging Hand with Juvéderm Ultra® 3 and Juvéderm® Hydrate

  • Jean-Marie DallaraEmail author
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Hand rejuvenation aims to restore volume and produce smooth, elastic skin. A combined treatment has been proposed: Juvéderm Ultra® 3 for filling and smoothing the skin and Juvéderm® Hydrate to rehydrate and restore skin quality.


Twenty physicians enrolled 99 subjects (i.e., 198 hands). At the first visit, hands were injected with Juvéderm Ultra® 3. At the second visit (day 15) hands were treated with Juvéderm® Hydrate. A final assessment was made at day 30.


Ninety-eight percent of subjects were female (mean age = 60.3 years). Mean volumes injected were 1.02 ml Juvéderm Ultra® 3 per hand at day 0 and 0.91 ml Juvéderm® Hydrate per hand at day 15. Mean grading on the Hand Aging Scale was 3.18 preinjection, which decreased to 1.73 on study completion (p < 0.0001). Injections were rated as “very easy/easy” in 99.4 and 98.9 % of cases for Juvéderm Ultra® 3 and Juvéderm® Hydrate, respectively. Most physicians found both products “very easy/easy” to massage. Physician evaluation based on the Global Aesthetic Improvement Scale (GAIS) showed that the proportion of “very much/much improved” was significantly higher at days 15 and 30 compared to baseline (63.7 and 70.3 vs. 41.8 %). Patient GAIS scores showed that the proportion of “much improved” was significantly higher at day 30 than at day 15 (53.1 vs. 43.9 %). Over 94 % of physicians and approximately 90 % of subjects would recommend treatment. The adverse event rate was 8.2 %, including edema, hematoma, redness, and pain.


Combined Juvéderm Ultra® 3 and Juvéderm® Hydrate treatment is effective and safe for rejuvenating the aging hand.

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The following people were involved in recruiting patients to the study: T. Michaud, Mulhouse, France; I. Rousseaux, Loos, France; L. Fouque Parachini, Nice, France; C. Ligeron, Castelnau Le Lez, France: S. Reynes Van Brabandt, Chateaurenard, France; L. Beille, Grenoble, France; E. Narjoux, Tassin La Demi Lune, France; P. Grolleau-Rochicciolo, Ramonville Saint Agne, France; J. P. Cayatte, Marseille, France; V. Gassia, Toulouse, France; M. Baspeyras, Bordeaux, France; D. Boineau, Bordeaux, France; C Raimbault Gerard, Metz, France; M. Darchy Gilliard, Orleans, France; S. Body, Tours, France; M. Taieb, Paris, France; S. Sebban, Levallois Perret, France; C. de Goursac, Paris, France; M.-H. Charavel Bordeaux, France. Medical writing support for this manuscript was provided by Grey Healthcare.


This study was sponsored by Allergan, Inc. (Irvine, CA, USA) and the author received payment for participation in the study and payments for consultancy services.


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