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Monsplasty for Women After Massive Weight Loss

  • Maíra Marques
  • Miguel Modolin
  • Wilson Cintra
  • Rolf Gemperli
  • Marcus Castro Ferreira
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Ptosis with excess skin in the pubic area is a very common deformity in patients after massive weight loss. This deformity requires adequate surgical treatment whether combined with abdominoplasty or not. The enlarged pubogenital area may lead to psychosocial distress and impaired quality of life.


A series of 23 women with a mean age of 39.5 years who previously underwent bariatric surgeries and later presented with pubogenital ptosis underwent monsplasty. The preoperative surgical markings and the surgical technique presented are easily reproducible. In this prospective study, the surgical outcomes were assessed by questionnaires applied to the patients, who scored the following parameters: movement dynamics, aesthetic appearance, sexual performance, improved hygiene, and use of clothing items.


Four of the parameters assessed (movement dynamics, aesthetic appearance, hygiene, and use of clothing items) showed clear improvement, with scores ranging from good to very good. A small percentage of the patients (13%) reported fair improvement in sexual performance.


The findings showed monsplasty to be a simple and reproducible technique with favorable outcomes and low morbidity rates.

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  • Maíra Marques
    • 1
  • Miguel Modolin
    • 1
  • Wilson Cintra
    • 1
  • Rolf Gemperli
    • 1
  • Marcus Castro Ferreira
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  1. 1.Division of Plastic SurgeryUniversity of Sao Paulo School of MedicineSão PauloBrazil

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