Five-Year Experience with Modified Fogli (Loré’s Fascia Fixation) Platysmaplasty


Over a 5-year period, my technique of approaching and modifying the aging neck has changed from direct suturing of the medial platysma bands and strong posterior traction of the platysma to superior elevation of the posterior platysma and strong fixation to the tympanoparotid fascia. When indicated, redundant anterior platysmal bands are resected instead of approximated. Evaluation of these anterior bands preoperatively for thickness and degree of descent allows more precise decision-making regarding the need to resect redundant and excessively thick or long anterior platysmal bands. The added advantage of the strong fixation of the platysma in a vertical fashion to Loré’s fascia (the tympanoparotid fascia) leads not only to an improvement in the contour of the jawline and submental area but also to the undervalued aesthetic feature of a defined contour and visually increased length of the sternomastoid muscle.

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  • Platysmal bands
  • Sternomastoid muscle
  • Loré’s fascia
  • Tympanoparotid fascia