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Dermabrasion for Rhytids in the Lateral Canthal Region



Dermabrasion of the periorbital region has been traditionally contraindicated due to the fear of complications. A method for safe dermabrasion of the lateral canthal region is described. Lateral canthal dermabrasion has the demonstrated advantages of being economical and relatively free of pigmentary problems. The results for 25 consecutive cases with a follow-up period of 12 to 16 months have shown good to excellent results in the majority of cases, with 4 cases requiring further revision. The technique is not intended to replace the gold standard, laserbrasion of the periocular region, and is not demonstrated to be safe for resurfacing of the lower lid region. However, the technique, rapid and easy once the learning curve is completed, was not associated with significant complications in the current series of patients.


Dermabrasion Rhytids Eyelid 


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