Aesthetic Plastic Surgery

, Volume 29, Issue 4, pp 274–279

An Uncommon Complication of Secondary Augmentation Mammoplasty:Bilaterally Massive Engorgement of Breasts After Pregnancy Attributable to Postinfection and Blockage of Mammary Ducts



Augmentation mammoplasty is one of the most frequently performed aesthetic operations. Galactorrhea and galactocele formation after augmentation mammoplasty, while the patient is experiencing the hormonal effects, is rarely seen. The cause remains unknown. However, postoperative fibrosis and blockage of the mammary ducts after augmentation mammoplasty is a probable cause of this formation in some patients. In the reported case, the patient described painful massive engorgement of both breasts during the last month of pregnancy and inability to breast-feed after delivery. In her history, she had undergone breast augmentation via the semicircular periareolar transglandular approach. She had experienced an infection at an early stage of her postoperative period and had needed to have both prostheses removed. A second breast augmentation mammoplasty was performed 1 year after the first operation via the same incision. She was content with the result of her second augmentation mammoplasty, up until her third pregnancy, at which time she reported inability to breast-feed after her delivery. At our examination, it was determined that there was massive painful breast engorgement, hyperemia, and inflammation of both breasts attributable to a bilateral galactocele formation. She refused to take any medication (bromocriptine), but approved antibiotic treatment. The patient responded to the antibiotics, and the prostheses therefore were left in place without further complications.


Ductus blockage Infection Painful breast engorgement Periareolar augmentation mammoplasty Pregnancy 


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