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Contour of the Lower Third of the Face Using an Intramusculary Injectable Implant

  • Almir Moojen NáculEmail author



The mandible contour plays a major role in the beauty and youthful look of the face. Few methods are available to create or recover facial contours. The author advocates the use of injectable polymethylmethacrylate microspheres suspended in a solution of sodium hyluronate 2%, D-1 propanodiol 10%, and apyrogenous solution 2.5 ml, applied by means of a minimally invasive procedure into deep anatomic planes. The biomatertal is injected in the muscle using microcannulas. .


A review of charts from January of 2001 to December of 2003 was undertaken to search the clinical outcomes from this therapy.


This technique for contouring the lower third of the face has been used for 487 patients along 1,383 different sites. There were no significant complications.


Excellent results and a high degree of satisfaction were achieved among the patients and the medical staff.


Chin Contour Face Implant Intramuscular Mandible 


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