Aesthetic Plastic Surgery

, Volume 26, Issue 3, pp 223–230 | Cite as

Remodeling Bodylift with High Lateral Tension

  • J.F. Pascal
  • C. Le Louarn


Body lifts are surgical procedures that are infrequently performed because the length of operating time increases the risk to the patient as well as the likelihood of surgeon fatigue. The other drawback of body lifts is the long incision line. However in our experience, these incisions are well accepted if they are well placed and if the results of body change is significant. The goal of this paper is to show how operating time can be shortened and the scar be correctly positioned by using precise preoperative markings. In addition to high superior tension abdominoplasty, the two innovations of this type of body lift are the dermal fat flap and the suspension of tissue in the trochanteric and buttock regions. Meticulous hemostasis limited undermining, and the closure of dead space are factors that produce a more reliable procedure, both in terms of postoperative problems and the final results.

Key words: Bodylift—High lateral tension 


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  • J.F. Pascal
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  • C. Le Louarn
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  2. 2.Paris, FranceFrance

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