Experience of valgus osteotomy for neglected and failed osteosynthesis in fractures neck of femur

  • Jatin PrakashEmail author
  • Vikas Keshari
  • Rajesh Kumar Chopra
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There is vast literature supporting valgus osteotomy in fracture neck of femur. However, little or no distinction has ever been made to evaluate the success of the procedure in these two different scenarios—non-unions due to failed osteosynthesis and neglected fractures neck of femur. The aim of our study was to compare the results of valgus osteotomy in neglected neck femur fractures and non-union fractures of neck of femur.


This is a single tertiary centre-based retrospective study. The records of all patients aged less than 45 years who underwent valgus osteotomy for neck of femur fractures from 2012 to 2017 were evaluated. Patients with fracture neck of femur of over one month’s duration, where no previous surgical intervention was undertaken were placed in neglected fracture group. Patients with failed primary osteosynthesis surgery, either cannulated cancellous screw or dynamic hip screw, were placed in fixation failure group. There were 23 patients in neglected group and 17 patients in fixation failure group. Demographical details, fracture patterns, and preoperative radiograph, surgery time, blood loss, post-operative complications, union time, and non-unions were studied in both groups.


Osteotomy site united in mean time of 11 weeks in fixation failure group and 11.3 weeks in neglected group (p = .434). Time to radiological union of fracture was 16 weeks (12–23 weeks) for neglected fracture group compared to 25 weeks (20–32 weeks) for fixation failure group which was statistically significant (p = .02). Seven out of 17 fractures did not unite in fixation failure group compared to one non-union out of 23 patients in neglected group. (p = .004) There were two loss of fixation with implant failure in fixation failure group compared to none in neglected group (p = .174). Neither of the groups had any surgical site infection.


Valgus osteotomy results in excellent union rates for neglected fractures of neck of femur. However, the union rates of valgus osteotomy are lower in neck femur fractures with failed implants compared to neglected fractures and the procedure should be cautiously used in such circumstances.


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