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Latarjet procedure versus open capsuloplasty in traumatic anterior shoulder dislocation: long-term clinical and functional results

  • Angelo De Carli
  • Antonio Vadalà
  • Lorenzo ProiettiEmail author
  • Antonio Ponzo
  • Davide Desideri
  • Andrea Ferretti
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To compare the results of two different open surgical techniques (open capsuloplasty and Bristow-Latarjet procedure) at a mid- to long-term follow-up (6 years) in patients with recurrent traumatic anterior shoulder dislocations. Methods: Seventy-three patients (73 shoulders, 48 males; 25 females) fulfilled inclusion and exclusion criteria. Patients were classified as group A if operated on with a Bristow-Latarjet procedure (40 patients, 24 males; 16 females) or group B if operated on with an open capsuloplasty (33 patients, 24 males; 9 females). All patients were followed up with physical examination and functional evaluation scores (UCLA, ROWE and WOSI).


In group A, no further episodes of dislocation or subluxation were reported; in group B, one patient (3.3%) reported a new episode of anterior dislocation as a result of a new trauma. No statistical difference in regard of new episodes of shoulder dislocation was found between the two groups (p > 0.05). At physical examination, two patients (5%) of group A and four patients of group B (13.3%) showed a positive apprehension test (p > 0.05); anterior drawer test was positive in six patients (15%) of group A and in nine patients (30%) of group B (p > 0.05). Statistical analysis showed better external rotation in group A (Latarjet group) than in group B. (p = 0.0176). No statistical differences were detected in regard to the scale scores (UCLA, WOSI, Rowe) (p > 0.05). Regarding the return to sport, 29 patients (72.5%) of group A and 18 patients (60%) of group B reported they resumed the same sports activity at the same pre-operative level (p > 0.05).


Open capsuloplasty and Bristow-Latarjet procedure are both validated surgical techniques for the treatment of recurrent shoulder anterior instability. We found no statistical difference in terms of recurrent dislocation rates, clinical shoulder stability tests, and scoring scales. The rate of patients returning to sport was similar after both techniques. However, patients with open capsuloplasty reported a significantly lower recovery of external rotation than patients operated via the Latarjet procedure.


Open capsuloplasty Latarjet procedure Pre-operative Shoulder dislocation 


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