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Cancer Immunotherapy 2004: Mainz, Germany, 6–7 May 2004

  • C. M. BrittenEmail author
  • L. Mueller
  • A. Knights
  • G. Pawelec
Meeting Report


Cancer Immunotherapy 2004 was the second international meeting organized by the Association for Immunotherapy of Cancer, which represents an interdisciplinary group of 50 predominantly German clinicians and scientists working in the field of tumor immunology and immunotherapy. The scientific program was divided into four consecutive workshops—on antibody therapy, immune escape mechanisms and NK cells, adoptive T-cell transfer, and therapeutic vaccination—to focus on the most important aspects of cancer therapy. In this meeting report, we highlight selected topics presented during two lively and fascinating days on cancer immunotherapy.

Antibody therapy

Effector function elucidated

Although antibody therapies have at last achieved measurable benefit to patients in treating different tumors, it is still not clear how their effects in vivo are mediated. J. Albanell (Barcelona) provided evidence that in vivo effects of antibodies targeting the HER family of transmembrane...


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