Imaging of hepatic hemangioma: from A to Z

  • Giuseppe MamoneEmail author
  • Ambra Di Piazza
  • Vincenzo Carollo
  • Christine Cannataci
  • Kelvin Cortis
  • Tommaso Vincenzo Bartolotta
  • Roberto Miraglia


The hemangioma is the most common solid lesion of the liver. Therefore, radiologists must know the typical and atypical imaging findings of this lesion in order to reach a correct diagnosis and avoid diagnostic errors. However, only few papers have comprehensively described the entire spectrum of atypical and uncommon imaging features. In this updated review, we provide the imaging features of hepatic hemangioma, in both typical and atypical forms, as well as its association with abnormalities in the adjacent hepatic parenchyma and other hepatic lesions, and its complications.


Hepatic hemangioma Ultrasound (US) Computed tomography (CT) Magnetic resonance (MR) Atypical Imaging 



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