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Bladder cancer and its mimics: a sonographic pictorial review with CT/MR and histologic correlation

  • Andrew L. Wentland
  • Terry S. Desser
  • Megan L. Troxell
  • Aya KamayaEmail author


Bladder cancer is the most common cancer of the urinary system and often presents with hematuria. Despite its relatively high incidence, bladder cancer is often under-recognized sonographically. Moreover, even when bladder abnormalities are identified, numerous other entities may mimic the appearance of bladder cancer. Given the incidence and prevalence of bladder cancer, it is important to recognize its variable appearance sonographically and distinguish it from its common mimics. We review the sonographic appearance of bladder cancer and its mimics, providing correlative CT/MR imaging as well as pathology. We stress the importance and advantage of ultrasound as a dynamic imaging modality, with the ability to optimize distinguishing bladder cancer from similar-appearing entities.


Ultrasound Sonography Bladder cancer Bladder mass Bladder tumor 



We would like to acknowledge Jeslyn A. Rumbold for her editorial assistance.


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