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Congestive hepatopathy

  • Michael L. Wells
  • Sudhakar K. Venkatesh
Invited article


Passive hepatic congestion may result from a variety of distinct cardiovascular conditions. Injury to the liver caused by congestion is often asymptomatic and may not be recognized clinically. Diagnosis of congestive hepatopathy is important as it has the potential to cause complications including hepatic fibrosis and development of benign and malignant liver masses. This review will summarize the pathophysiologic mechanisms of congestive hepatopathy and provide both description and examples of its multimodality imaging findings. Examples of alternative disease which may have a similar imaging appearance will be provided. Knowledge regarding the characteristic imaging findings of congestive hepatopathy will allow for its accurate identification. Reviewing both the benefits and limitations of imaging performed to evaluate congestive hepatopathy and its complications will help to avoid pitfalls and enable recommendation of appropriate next steps in diagnostic evaluation.


Passive congestion Cardiac failure Cardiac cirrhosis CT MRI FNH-like nodules 


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