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Surveillance of patients with bladder cancer following cystectomy: yield of CT urography

  • Atul B. Shinagare
  • Cheryl A. Sadow
  • Stuart G. Silverman



To determine the yield of CT urography (CTU) in the surveillance of patients with bladder cancer following cystectomy.

Materials and methods

In this IRB-approved, HIPAA-compliant, retrospective study of 5,404 CT urograms performed at our institution between March 2000 and February 2011, 225 CT urograms were performed in 105 patients [79 men, 26 women; mean age 65 years (43–85)] following cystectomy for bladder cancer. Median follow-up after cystectomy was 63 months (range 1–234), median time between cystectomy and CTU was 39 months (range 0–229), median follow-up after CTU was 34 months (range 1–111). CTU examinations were reviewed by two radiologists in consensus and findings were categorized into those related to surgery, locoregional recurrence, metastases, or metachronous upper tract urothelial tumor (UTT).


Findings were present in 69 (65.7 %) of 105 patients, including findings related to surgery in 60 (57.1 %) patients, locoregional recurrence or metastatic disease in 21 (20 %) patients, and UTT in 3 (2.9 %) patients. Of surgery-related findings, hydronephrosis (23/105, 21.9 %) and parastomal hernia (17/105, 16.2 %) were the most common findings. Visceral metastases (16/105, 15.2 %) and lymph node metastases (13/105, 12.4 %) were the most common manifestations of recurrent disease.


CTU findings in the surveillance of patients with bladder cancer after cystectomy are common and include those related to surgery, spread of the disease, and metachronous tumors. Our study supports current published guidelines on the use of CTU in these patients.


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Authors and Affiliations

  • Atul B. Shinagare
    • 1
  • Cheryl A. Sadow
    • 1
  • Stuart G. Silverman
    • 1
  1. 1.Division of Abdominal Imaging and Intervention, Department of Radiology, Brigham and Women’s HospitalHarvard Medical SchoolBostonUSA

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