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Vascular pancreatic lesions: spectrum of imaging findings of malignant masses and mimics with pathologic correlation

  • Priya R. Bhosale
  • Christine O. Menias
  • Aparna Balachandran
  • Eric P. Tamm
  • Chusilp Charnsangavej
  • Isaac R. Francis
  • Khaled M. Elsayes


The differential diagnosis of hypervascular pancreatic lesions is complex, and includes endocrine and exocrine tumors of the pancreas, metastases to the pancreas, and masses, or mass-like lesions, arising from the neurovascular networks traversing the pancreas. In this manuscript, we will discuss salient imaging findings of these masses, pertinent differential diagnoses, as well as review clinical symptomatology that may aid in the diagnosis of some of these lesions.


Pancreas Endocrine Exocrine Metastatic Hypervascular Imaging 


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  • Christine O. Menias
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  • Eric P. Tamm
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