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Pitfalls in detection of acute gastrointestinal bleeding with multi-detector row helical CT

  • T. StuberEmail author
  • M. H. K. Hoffmann
  • G. Stuber
  • O. Klass
  • S. Feuerlein
  • A. J. Aschoff


Contrast-enhanced multi-detector row helical CT angiography is establishing itself as an accurate, rapid, and non-invasive diagnostic modality in patients with acute gastrointestinal bleeding. On arterial phase MDCT images ongoing hemorrhage can be revealed as an area of active extravasation of contrast material within the bowel lumen. This pictorial essay gives a short overview of current diagnostic modalities in assessing acute GI tract bleeding, typical MDCT findings, and depicts potential pitfalls in the detection of acute GI bleeding with MDCT.


Gastrointestinal Hemorrhage Multi-detector-row computed tomography Diagnosis Emergency Radiology 


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  • M. H. K. Hoffmann
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  • G. Stuber
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  • O. Klass
    • 1
  • S. Feuerlein
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  • A. J. Aschoff
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