Correction to: Why harmonization is needed when using FDG PET/CT as a prognosticator: demonstration with EARL-compliant SUV as an independent prognostic factor in lung cancer

  • Benjamin Houdu
  • Charline Lasnon
  • Idlir Licaj
  • Guy Thomas
  • Pascal Do
  • Anne-Valerie Guizard
  • Cédric Desmonts
  • Nicolas AideEmail author

Correction to: European Journal of Nuclear Medicine and Molecular Imaging

An error occurred in the labelling of Fig. 3, where math symbols for SUV thresholds were inverted in panel b when the EARL threshold was applied to the PSF dataset and vice versa. This figure should read as follows:
Fig. 3

Prognostic value of tumour SUVmax. Overall survival Kaplan Meyer curves according to different scenarios. a Use of the optimal PSF and EARL SUVmax cutoff values on their respective datasets. b Use of the PSF and EARL SUVmax cutoff values switched across datasets. c Use of the PSF and EARL SUVmax cutoff values on a simulated multicentre dataset

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