Bertoldo, F., Boccardo, F., Bombardieri, E., Evangelista, L., Valdagni, R. (Eds.) Bone Metastases from Prostate Cancer: Biology, Diagnosis and Management

Springer International Publishing Switzerland 2017. ISBN 978–3–319-42,326-5
  • Luigi MansiEmail author
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This is a very interesting book centered on bone metastases from prostate cancer, edited and authored by a multidisciplinary team with specific experience in the field. The editors are five internationally well-known Italian experts: (1) a clinician, Francesco Bertoldo, Director of the Metabolic Bone Diseases and Osteoncology Unit, Internal Medicine, University of Verona, (2) an oncologist, Francesco Boccardo, working at the IRCCS AOU San Martino – IST National Cancer Research Institute, University of Genova, (3 and 4) two experts in diagnostic imaging and nuclear medicine, Emilio Bombardieri, at present Scientific Director at the Humanitas Gavazzeni Clinic in Bergamo, and Laura Evangelista, from the Veneto Institute of Oncology IOV – IRCCS, Nuclear Medicine and Molecular imaging Unit, Padova, and (5) a radiotherapist, Riccardo Valdagni, Radiation Oncology 1 and Prostate Cancer Program, Fondazione IRCCS Istituto Nazionale dei Tumori and Department of Oncology and Hemato-oncology, University of Milano.

In 293 pages, organized in 21 chapters and enriched by many high-quality images, didactic drawings and tables, all the issues involved in this currently very relevant clinical and social problem, i.e., metastases from prostate cancer, are discussed . The interest of the book increases because many new tools have recently been added to the diagnostic and therapeutic paraphernalia, giving hope also to patients surviving with a very bad quality of life and with a rapidly negative fate.

To give up-to-date information on this hottest topic, the editors have involved many international researchers, who have discussed all the issues that have to be known in the field. Therefore, the reader has the possibility to encompass the whole scenario, acquiring an update knowledge on biology, pathology, diagnosis, and treatment. The attainable information starts with the understanding of the mechanisms of metastasis formation; then, the characteristics of metastases, based on their aggressiveness and on prognostic factors for treatment response, are widely and deeply defined. The diagnostic part includes discussion of the most important data achievable by laboratory, radiology, and nuclear medicine, either to allow an earlier diagnosis or detection of relapse, or to better define older and novel therapeutic approaches. In particular, issues such as hormonal manipulations, bone-targeted agents, vaccines, taxanes, and other newer treatments that are enriching the therapeutic armamentarium are widely discussed. The evaluation of the economic impact of prostate cancer bone metastases is also included.

On the basis of my personal opinion I warmly recommend this book to all physicians interested in prostate cancer and bone metastases. The publication can also give significant formative support to students and residents interested in the topic.

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