FP-CIT SPECT evaluation: time to go beyond visual assessment!

  • A. SkanjetiEmail author
  • T. Angusti
  • M. Margheron
  • M. Iudicello
  • V. Podio
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Single Photon Emission Compute Tomography Final Diagnosis Single Photon Emission Compute Tomography Imaging DICOM Image Small Population Study 
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  • T. Angusti
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  • M. Margheron
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  • M. Iudicello
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  • V. Podio
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  1. 1.Nuclear Medicine Unit, San Luigi HospitalUniversity of TurinOrbassanoItaly
  2. 2.Medical Science DepartmentUniversity A. AvogadroNovaraItaly
  3. 3.Neurology 1San Luigi HospitalOrbassanoItaly

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