Comments on profession and gender statistics of the EANM membership database 2007

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Letter to the Editor

Dear Sir,

In order to obtain a better insight into membership composition and to anticipate developments to come, the European Association of Nuclear Medicine (EANM) each year sends a membership form to members. In 2007, the form for the first time also included gender reporting. It has to be taken into account, however, that EANM membership is not mandatory even if the EANM is a scientific organisation representing the interests of European professionals in the field. Based on a comparison of members’ statistics between national societies and the EANM, one may suppose that the EANM represents about one third to half of all nuclear medicine professionals in Europe. We herewith report and comment on the 2007 profession and gender statistics of the EANM (Membership Database as of April 18, 2007).


A total of 3,480 members (100%) are filed in the EANM Membership Database 2007. The results show that most EANM members are physicians (Fig.  1). Technologists rank in second place...


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