Feasibility of sodium/iodide symporter gene as a new imaging reporter gene: comparison with HSV1-tk

  • Jae Hoon Shin
  • June-Key Chung
  • Joo Hyun Kang
  • Yong Jin Lee
  • Kwang Il Kim
  • Chul Woo Kim
  • Jae Min Jeong
  • Dong Soo Lee
  • Myung Chul Lee
Molecular Imaging


Positron emission tomography (PET) imaging reporter genes, such as HSV1-tk and D2 receptor genes, make it possible to visualise gene expression non-invasively and repetitively in vivo. However, these systems require the synthesis of complicated substrates and the availability of expensive PET equipment. Expression of the sodium/iodide symporter (NIS) gene can be easily monitored with radioiodines and technetium-99m using a gamma camera. To evaluate the possibility of using NIS as an imaging reporter gene, we compared its characteristics with those of the conventional HSV1-tk gene. The CM cell line was made by transfecting the HSV1-tk gene into CT-26 (mouse colon carcinoma cell line). The CTN and CMN cell lines were then made by transfecting the NIS gene into CT-26 and CM. We measured the uptake of iodine-125 iodovinyldeoxyuridine ([125I]IVDU) and 125I to evaluate the expression of the HSV1-tk and NIS genes, respectively. Each cell line was injected into four flank sites in Balb/c mice. The biodistribution study was performed after intravenously injecting [125I]IVDU and 131I, and 131I scintigraphy was performed for the evaluation of NIS expression. In vitro studies indicated that CTN and CMN had 40- to 79-fold and 150- to 256-fold higher uptake of 125I than CT-26 and CM, respectively. Furthermore, CM and CMN showed 57- to 69-fold higher uptake of [125I]IVDU than CT-26 and CTN. NIS gene expression and 125I accumulation were found to be directly correlated (R2=0.923), as were HSV1-tk gene expression and [125I]IVDU accumulation (R2=0.956). Calculated signal per unit NIS and HSV1-tk mRNA expression was 23,240±3,755 cpm and 34,039±5,346 cpm, respectively. In vivo study indicated that CTN and CMN had 2.3- and 5.8-fold higher uptake of 131I than CT-26 and CM, and 1.8- and 3.5-fold higher uptake of [125I]IVDU than CT-26 and CTN. Scintigraphy using 131I easily visualised CTN and CMN tumours. In conclusion, the NIS gene may be viewed as an imaging reporter gene with comparable performance to the HSV1-tk gene for monitoring target gene expression.


NIS gene HSV1-tk gene Radioiodines [125I]IVDU Imaging reporter gene 


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