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Aneurysmal bone cyst treated with percutaneous doxycycline: is a single treatment sufficient?

  • Jason T. K. Woon
  • Damien Hoon
  • Andrew Graydon
  • Mike Flint
  • Anthony J. DoyleEmail author
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The purpose of this case series is to report on the effectiveness of a single percutaneous injection of doxycycline as a primary treatment for aneurysmal bone cyst (ABC).

Materials and methods

A retrospective cohort study was conducted on seven patients diagnosed with ABC at various anatomical sites, with the intention to treat by a single percutaneous injection of doxycycline. Mean patient age was 14 years.


Signs of treatment response were seen in six of seven patients after one injection. Three of the seven received a second treatment, despite signs of response. Another had expansion of the lesion after treatment, requiring excision. In total, three patients had a single injection of doxycycline as their sole treatment and another three showed signs of response after a single injection.


A single percutaneous injection of doxycycline should be considered a viable primary treatment option for ABC.


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