High-resolution ultrasound of the fascia lata iliac crest attachment: anatomy, pathology, and image-guided treatment

  • Swati DeshmukhEmail author
  • Samir F. Abboud
  • Thomas Grant
  • Imran M. Omar
Review Article


Pathology of the fascia lata attachment at the iliac crest (FLAIC) is an under-recognized and often misdiagnosed cause of lateral hip pain. The fascia lata has a broad attachment at the lateral iliac crest with contributions from the tensor fascia lata muscle, the iliotibial band, and the gluteal aponeurosis. The FLAIC is susceptible to overuse injuries, acute traumatic injuries, and degeneration. There is a paucity of literature regarding imaging and image-guided treatment of the FLAIC. We review anatomy and pathology of the FLAIC, presenting novel high-resolution (18–24 MHz) ultrasound images including ultrasound guidance for targeted therapeutic treatment.


Fascia lata Iliotibial band Tensor fascia lata Gluteal aponeurosis Ultrasound 



The authors would like to acknowledge Julia Michalek, musculoskeletal sonographer, for her invaluable contributions to this paper.

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  • Samir F. Abboud
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  • Thomas Grant
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  • Imran M. Omar
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