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How we do it: shifting MR arthrogram compounding from the fluoroscopy suite to the sterile pharmacy

  • Chad C. AdamsEmail author
  • Matthew J. Loewen
  • Ian A. Breckenridge
  • Jane E. Besich-Carter
  • Lisabeth A. Bush
Technical Report



To assess the impact of shifting arthrogram injectate compounding from the fluoroscopy suite to the main hospital sterile pharmacy on cost, examination delays, and infection rates.

Materials and Methods

All arthrograms from the 12 months before (629 in total) and the 12 months after (699 in total) the change in arthrogram preparation procedure were compared to identify differences in examination delays and infection rate. The arthrogram formulation was sent to the Compounder’s International Analytical Laboratory for stability testing. Finally, cost per injection analysis was performed to compare fluoroscopy suite with sterile pharmacy compounding.


In the 699 arthrograms performed in the 12 months following transfer of arthrogram preparation to the main hospital pharmacy, there were 0 reported examination delays, 0 reported infections, and a 53% decrease in the material cost per arthrogram. There were three recorded instances of fluoroscopy suite preparation of arthrogram injectate due to unexpected add-on patients. Outside stability testing determined that the arthrogram injectate retained at least 90% potency 30 h post-preparation.


Shifting the compounding of the arthrogram injectate from the fluoroscopy room to the main hospital sterile pharmacy provides a modest cost saving and can be accomplished without examination delays or any increase in infection rate. It brought our practice into compliance with USP797, which is the current guideline for compounding practitioners, by transferring the compounding preparation of the arthrogram injectate from a procedure room to the sterile pharmacy.


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  • Matthew J. Loewen
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  • Ian A. Breckenridge
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  • Jane E. Besich-Carter
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  • Lisabeth A. Bush
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