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Sonographic and radiographic findings of posterior tibial tendon dysfunction: a practical step forward

  • Steven B. Soliman
  • Paul J. Spicer
  • Marnix T. van Holsbeeck
Review Article


The purpose of this article is to describe the sonographic and radiographic findings in the diagnosis and treatment of posterior tibial tendon dysfunction. Ultrasound and radiographs play a crucial role in the diagnosis of posterior tibial tendon dysfunction and in imaging the postoperative changes related to posterior tibial tendon dysfunction. Early detection and diagnosis of posterior tibial tendon dysfunction is important in helping to prevent further progression of disease, obviating the need for more invasive and complex procedures.


Posterior tibial tendon dysfunction Musculoskeletal ultrasound Pes planus Hindfoot valgus Sinus tarsi syndrome Spring ligament insufficiency Lateral hindfoot impingement Subfibular impingement 



We thank Stephanie Stebens, MLIS, AHIP, for her guidance and assistance in the preparation of this manuscript.

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