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Case study: failure of superior capsular reconstruction using dermal allograft

  • J. Zerr
  • J. D. McDermott
  • N. M. Beckmann
  • R. K. Fullick
  • A. ChhabraEmail author
Case Report


Superior capsular reconstruction (SCR) is a novel technique for treating irreparable rotator cuff tears in younger patients in whom a reverse total shoulder arthroplasty is not the optimal treatment choice. This case study describes a middle-aged male with a recurrent, massive, irreparable rotator cuff tear treated with SCR that subsequently failed at the glenoid attachment. The patient underwent successful arthroscopic revision of the SCR. The case illustrates the MRI and arthroscopic correlations of the failed dermal allograft reconstruction, which to our knowledge has not been previously shown in the radiology literature.


Superior capsular reconstruction Rotator cuff tear Rotator cuff repair Rotator cuff repair failure Dermal allograft 


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Conflicts of interest

Dr Avneesh Chhabra is an ICON medical consultant and receives royalties from Wolters and Jaypee unrelated to this project. The remaining authors declare that they have no conflicts of interest.


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  • J. D. McDermott
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  • N. M. Beckmann
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  • R. K. Fullick
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  • A. Chhabra
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