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Coronal plane fracture of the femoral condyles: anatomy, injury patterns, and approach to management of the Hoffa fragment

  • Eric A. WhiteEmail author
  • George R. Matcuk
  • Aaron Schein
  • Matt Skalski
  • Geoffrey S. Maracek
  • Deborah M. Forrester
  • Dakshesh B. Patel
Review Article



The purpose of this article is to provide a review of coronal fractures of the femoral condyles, known as Hoffa fractures. This includes a review of the normal anatomy of the femoral condyles, examples of the injury, and postoperative imaging findings after surgical treatments.


Knowledge of anatomy with related pathology, orthopedic trends, imaging findings, and complications, is important in assessing Hoffa fractures.


Hoffa fracture Femoral condyle Distal femur fracture 


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  • Aaron Schein
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  • Matt Skalski
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  • Geoffrey S. Maracek
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  • Deborah M. Forrester
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  • Dakshesh B. Patel
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