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Bilateral ischiofemoral impingement in a patient with hereditary multiple exostoses

  • Pierre Viala
  • Daniel Vanel
  • Ahmed Larbi
  • Catherine Cyteval
  • Jean-Denis Laredo
Case Report


The skeletal anatomy of the hip provides two main locations for impingement: abnormal contact between the acetabulum and femur (femoroacetabular impingement) or between the ischium and femur (ischiofemoral impingement). We report a case of bilateral ischiofemoral impingement in a patient with hereditary multiple exostoses. The association of exostoses and femoral metaphyseal widening resulted in the narrowing of the ischiofemoral spaces. Pain was improved on the left side by resection of the ischial exostosis.


Hereditary multiple exostoses Hip Impingement Ischium Lesser trochanter Surgery Exostosis Quadratus femoris muscle 


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  • Pierre Viala
    • 1
  • Daniel Vanel
    • 2
  • Ahmed Larbi
    • 1
  • Catherine Cyteval
    • 1
  • Jean-Denis Laredo
    • 3
  1. 1.Department of RadiologyLapeyronie HospitalMontpellier, Cedex 5France
  2. 2.Department of RadiologyRizzoli Orthopaedic InstituteBolognaItaly
  3. 3.Department of RadiologyLariboisière HospitalParis, Cedex 10France

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