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Advanced imaging of skeletal manifestations of systemic mastocytosis

  • J. Fritz
  • E. K. Fishman
  • J. A. Carrino
  • M. S. Horger
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Systemic mastocytosis comprises a group of clonal disorders of the mast cell that most commonly involves the skeletal system. Imaging can be helpful in the detection and characterization of the osseous manifestations of this disease. While radiography and bone scans are frequently used for this assessment, low-dose multidetector computed tomography and magnetic resonance imaging can be more sensitive for the detection of marrow involvement and for the demonstration of the various disease patterns. In this article, we review the pathophysiological and clinical features of systemic mastocytosis, discuss the role of imaging for staging and management, and illustrate the various cross-sectional imaging appearances. Awareness and knowledge of the imaging features of this disorder will increase the accuracy of image interpretation and can contribute important information for management decisions.


Mastocytosis Computed tomography Magnetic resonance imaging Diffusion-weighted imaging Staging 


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