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Radiological aspects of Gaucher disease

  • Robert KatzEmail author
  • Tom Booth
  • Rikin Hargunani
  • Peter Wylie
  • Brian Holloway
Review Article


Advances in imaging and the development of commercially available enzyme therapy have significantly altered the traditional radiology of Gaucher disease. The cost of treatment and need for monitoring response to therapy have magnified the importance of imaging. There are no recent comprehensive reviews of the radiology of this relatively common lysosomal storage disease. This article describes the modern imaging, techniques and radiological manifestations of Gaucher disease.


Gaucher Lysosomal BMB ERT Imaging 



The authors would like to thank Dr Atul Mehta and Dr Derralynn Hughes of the Lysosomal Storage Disease Unit, Royal Free Hospital and Dr Mario Maas, Academic Medical Centre, University of Amsterdam for their valuable input in the preparation of this manuscript.


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