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Synovial chondromatosis of the lumbar spine with compressive myelopathy: a case report with review of the literature

  • Ibrahim Fikry AbdelwahabEmail author
  • Daniel Contractor
  • Stefano Bianchi
  • George Hermann
  • Benjamin Hoch
Case Report


Synovial chondromatosis has been rarely reported to occur in the spine with only one case found in the lumbar spine. We describe another case of synovial chondromatosis in the lumbar spine in a 41-year-old man who presented with compressive myelopathy. The tumor was located in the left ventrolateral corner of the epidural space just below the L4–L5 intervertebral space. Besides being extremely rare, our case was unusual in that the juxtaposed facet joint was radiologically normal.


Chondromatosis Synovial Facet joint Lumbar spine 



The authors thank Joseph Hood and Florina Karasik for their help in preparing the manuscript.


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  • Daniel Contractor
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  • Stefano Bianchi
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  • George Hermann
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  • Benjamin Hoch
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