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Posterior dislocation of the long head of biceps tendon: case report and review of the literature

  • P. J. MullaneyEmail author
  • R. Bleakney
  • P. Tuchscherer
  • E. Boynton
  • L. White
Case Report


Posterior or lateral dislocation of the long head of biceps is a rare complication of shoulder dislocation that can result in inability to relocate the humerus. The diagnosis should be suspected when certain radiographic features are present at the initial presentation. Other imaging modalities can aid diagnosis when clinical management is unsuccessful or protracted. We present a case of surgically proven posterior dislocation of the biceps tendon with conventional radiographic, computed tomography and magnetic resonance imaging assessment. The literature on this subject is reviewed, and imaging features associated with the diagnosis are described.


Shoulder dislocation Tendon injuries Radiology Diagnosis 


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  • R. Bleakney
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  • P. Tuchscherer
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  • E. Boynton
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  • L. White
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