Environmental Geology

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A guideline for the evaluation of the soil radon potential based on geogenic and anthropogenic parameters

  • Jens Wiegand
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Following a brief review about radon (222Rn) in soils, this study gives a compilation and evaluation of important parameters of the soil 222Rn potential. Because investigations of the potential are usually limited to rural areas, anthropogenic or urban effects have not attracted much attention so far. Measurements within the densely populated Ruhr district (Germany) present some new insights into geogenic and anthropogenic parameters on the soil 222Rn potential. According to their importance, seven parameters were strung in aranking system, which can be applied in both rural and urban areas: made grounds, geology, relief, vegetation cover, tectonics, soil sealing, traffic vibrations. While the first four parameters control the soil 222Rn potential on a more regional scale, the last three can modify it locally. Furthermore, an evaluation of the potential within a ten-point-system is proposed. The advantage of the system lies in the possibility to estimate the soil 222Rn potential of any site on a local scale. Common classifications and rankings, based on insufficiently scaled maps, can be included in the proposed system.

Emanation Radon Soil 222Rn potential Soil sealing Traffic vibrations 


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  • Jens Wiegand
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  1. 1.Universität Essen, Fachbereich 9/Geologie, Universitätsstr. 5, 45117 Essen, Germany

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