Environmental Geology

, Volume 36, Issue 3–4, pp 215–218

Piešt'any–thermal H2S water and mud

  • O. Franko
Research article


 Slovakia has very rich sources of mineral and thermal waters. One of the warmest is located in Piešt'any. Its discharge rate is 40 l/s; it is Ca-Mg-SO4-HCO3-Cl type with T.D.S. 1.4 g/l, H2S 10 mg/l and temperature 68  °C. The waters seep on the spa island, which lies between the river Váh and its branch. The characteristics of the water and mud predestine the existence of this great spa in Slovakia. Its reputation is based on the treatment of rheumatic and neurological disesases.

Key words Thermal mineral water History Hydrogeological structure Discharge area Regime Spa Slovakia 


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