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Response to W. Aeschbach-Hertig rebuttal of “On global forces of nature driving the Earth’s climate. Are humans involved?” by L. F. Khilyuk and G. V. Chilingar

  • G. V. ChilingarEmail author
  • O. G. Sorokhtin
  • L. F. Khilyuk
Response to Rebuttal


Traditional anthropogenic theory of currently observed global warming states that release of carbon dioxide into atmosphere (partially as a result of utilization of fossil fuels) leads to an increase in atmospheric temperature because the molecules of CO2 (and other greenhouse gases) absorb the infrared radiation from the Earth’s surface. This statement is based solely on the Arrhenius hypothesis which was not verified (Arrhenius 1896). A hypothetical “enhancement of the greenhouse effect” due to additional emission of anthropogenic carbon dioxide and other greenhouse gases, which is a sacred tenet of Dr. Aeschbach-Hertig climatic belief, was neither shown experimentally nor proven theoretically. In our response to Dr. Aeschbach-Hertig, who admittedly is not familiar with Russian literature and some modern theories, we will focus on the effect of CO2emission on the temperature of atmosphere which is the central issue of debate on currently observed global warming....


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    Email author
  • O. G. Sorokhtin
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  • L. F. Khilyuk
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  1. 1.University of Southern CaliforniaLos AngelesUSA
  2. 2.Institute of Oceanology of Russian Academy of SciencesMoscowRussia
  3. 3.Los AngelesUSA

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