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Chemical characteristics of groundwater in parts of mountainous region, Alvand, Hamadan, Iran

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Eighty-seven groundwater samples have been collected from a mountainous region (Alvand, Iran) for hydrochemical investigations to understand the sources of dissolved ions and assess the chemical quality of the groundwater. Most water quality parameters are within World Health Organization acceptable limits set for drinking water. The least mineralized water is found closest to the main recharge zones and the salinity of water increased towards the north of the basin. The most prevalent water type is Ca–HCO3 followed by water types Ca–NO3, Ca–Cl, Ca–SO4 and Mg–HCO3. The Ca–NO3 water type is associated with high nitrate pollution. Agricultural and industrial activities were associated with elevated level of NO3. Mineral dissolution/weathering of evaporites dominates the major element hydrochemistry of the area. Chemical properties of groundwater in Alvand region are controlled both by natural geochemical processes and anthropogenic activities.


Hydrochemistry Anthropogenic Groundwater Chemical composition 


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  1. 1.Department of Soil Science, College of AgricultureBu-Ali Sina UniversityHamadanIran

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